Crowd Sourcing

Passel is the world’s first genuinely crowdsourced home delivery company.

This means that, instead of professional or even part-time couriers carrying out deliveries, it will be people on their way home from the shops such as people working in the vicinity or regular shoppers.

Brick and Mortar Retailers

For brick and mortar retailers with online stores who are dissatisfied with losing sales due to inadequate same day delivery options, Passel is a crowdsourced delivery service using shoppers already near the local store to complete the final mile delivery.

Speedy Delivery

Tired of paying top dollar for a delivery that takes 5 days?

We guarantee that your order will be delivered within 3 hours.

Delivery the old fashioned way

Ever wonder what happened to customer service?  Do you think you will go crazy the next time you receive an automatic-response email or hear, “dial one for technical services, dial two for international queries…” Where did all the human beings go?

They’re all at Passel! We are bringing back old-fashioned customer service.

Our Story

During 20 years in freight, one of the most significant changes has been the proliferation of home deliveries. Marshall became frustrated with the industry’s inability to provide a solution that delights everyone.

Solutions such as drones and lockers only serve to push the problem further down the line, rather than trying to find a better way to get online orders into the hands of the customer.

Passel began with a throwaway line:

“One day you’ll be shopping in the hardware store and your phone will ping with a message that Mrs Jones, who lives around the corner from you, has just bought a shovel online. If you deliver it on the way home, we’ll give you a $10 gift voucher”.

Of course, that hasn’t happened, so he figured he’d go and do it himself.

Julian Kelabora joined Passel in July 2017 as CTO/Co-Founder.

With a tremendous amount of assistance from the Melbourne Founder Institute and very supportive friends and family, Passel received seed funding in December 2016 and launched in September 2017.
You’ve just answered the dreams of every woman Kelly

Visitor at The Big Small Business Expo

Australian brick and mortar retailers have a substantial geographic strategic advantage over purely online retailers. Marshall Hughes

CEO, Passel

Marshall Hughes

Marshall Hughes

One of the guys

I help make things happen!

I worked my way from sales and customer service, to be Chief Operating Officer of Australia’s premier freight management company. People describe me as honest, creative, organised and balanced. I am a lateral thinker who has a knack for finding solutions to problems others don’t tend to think of.

Now, with 25 years’ business experience, I am embarking on new adventures at Passel.

Tomorrow I see myself leading world-changing projects and teams of people helping me make stronger economies, communities and companies.

Julian Kelabora

Julian Kelabora

Co-Founder and CTO

Julian has worked with a broad range of companies, on projects long and short, big and small, using a wide variety of technologies. In recent years has focussed more on design, DevOps and security and has become increasingly drawn towards building products.

He enjoys trying to keep up with the breakneck pace of technological advancement but remains more interested in people than technology. He has always loved building things in a team and searching for the next interesting problem or the next challenge.

Julian has a tonne of e-commerce and logistics experience, including a stint at AusPost and career highlights include the first release of Hooroo, getting into MAP (Melbourne Accelerator Program) and, of course, working on Myfreight.