Dymocks Camberwell Passel™

Passel’s 3-hour delivery service is coming to Dymocks Camberwell!

Register now to deliver with Passel for your chance to win

$50 to spend at




To get started, download the Passel App to your phone.

Have your shopping pay for itself

by delivering a Passel™ on your way home!

Passel™ is the global platform where shoppers deliver to shoppers

and make money while out shopping!

It’s free to download and join: 

shop. deliver. cash in.

How does it work?

1 – Become a Passer
Download the App, verify a few details and we’ll let you know when you’re activated.

2 – Wait for the prompt
We’ll send you a message when you’re near one of our retailers in need of a delivery.

3 – Deliver & cash in
If you accept, you’ll have 3 hours to make the delivery.

When complete, we’ll reward you with $10.

What are you waiting for?
It’s free to join!
Shop. Deliver. Cash in.

To learn more about using Passel to deliver within 3 hours to your customers, Contact Us.