Tired of waiting 5 days for your online shopping? A new service in Melbourne offers a guaranteed 3 hour delivery from over 20 of your favourite stores including Sanity, Bunnings, Betts Shoes, and Lorna Jane, 364 days a year.

Called “Passel Now”, it is a direct response to a real need of online shoppers. 

While many retailers focus on discount prices and free, slow delivery, the Frankston company will launch the service on Wednesday for the 70% of people who will pay a little bit more for fast delivery when the time is right.

According to Passel Now Founder, Marshall Hughes, 3-hour delivery is a missing piece in the Australian retail landscape. “All the research, globally, shows that from time to time people will pay a small premium to get their online purchases as soon as possible. Passel Now was created to help those people.”

Said Jessie Chew, ECommerce & Social Media Manager for Sanity “Sanity & Passel Now’s guaranteed 3-hour delivery service means you can watch the latest movies or TV shows or listen to the next chart-topping album – perfect for organising tonight’s viewing or last-minute gift ideas.”.

Passel Now is built on Frankston startup Passel’s unique crowd delivery model where everyday people, such as shoppers or retail staff, can make a few extra dollars delivering on their way home. Called Passers, the delivery people do not work shifts. They simply register for the service and are offered a delivery opportunity when it is convenient for them.

There are already over 3000 Passers signed up around Australia, and Marshall expects Passel Now will encourage more people to sign up. “Everybody loves something for nothing”, he said, “and an added bonus of being a Passer is they get discounted delivery when they need something in a hurry.”

Passel Now helps retailers sell more online, drives additional foot traffic into their stores, and, by optimising delivery people to deliver on their preferred transport method home, also helps retailers reduce their carbon footprint.

What’s more, due to Passel Now’s partnership with Humm, it’s possible for online shoppers to buy it now, get it delivered now, but pay for it later!

Passel Now will initially be available in the Frankston area, on the outskirts of Melbourne. You can check if your suburb is eligible here – www.passelnow.com

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