Passel Now – Your Shopping Delivered in 3 hours, or it’s free!

Passel will launch a new direct to customer service on July 1.

At Passel (, we provide a guaranteed 3-hour service where shoppers deliver to shoppers on their way home. We launched nationally in April 2018 and have enjoyed successful deliveries and terrific customer relationships.

We recently surveyed our Passers and found that in excess of 75% of women aged 18 to 50 would agree to pay $15 for a 3-hour delivery if the need arose.

To help you provide a reliable delivery service to such customers, our team has created a new service to strategically target this key retail demographic.

To participate in the program, all we ask are the following details:

1) Select 5 top-selling SKUs.

Passel will then advertise these SKUs at the full retail price under our own banner.

When a customer places an order on Passel, we will then place the order on the local store. The method of order placement will be at your discretion, but we are happy to order over the phone, in person, or by another method.

Once the item is ready, Passel will book, collect, and deliver the item. If there is a store stock problem, we will fulfil via an alternate store.

To provide full transparency, Passel will share a weekly report and provide the option to change the SKUs available to Passel.

Our plan is to run the initial pilot at Bayside Shopping Centre in Frankston and then roll out to other shopping centres around Australia.

Through participation in this pilot, you will benefit through:
– Increased sales
– Increased in-store foot traffic (remember, Passers are typically females aged 18-45)
– Customer loyalty and positive feedback
– Data

To discuss how we can make this work together, please Contact Us.