Thought I’d share some pics from the Jiangsu-Victoria Startup Summit.

I’m proud that Passelâ„¢ came second, but this wasn’t a solo effort, so here come the shoutouts:

Louise Berger for the deck
Peter Tunjic for the coaching and the value proposition
Cameron Rambert for support, and representing Frankston
Shuxi (Susie) Wang for taking care of us
Tom Williams for a steady hand
Brandon Burns for hype, excitement and making sure the lid was right off!

Special mention to The Lord Mayor of City of Melbourne, Sally Capp, for taking a genuine interest in the Victorian Startup Scene.

Xie Xie Ni, and congrats to everyone who took part.

Other startups to compete included:

Little Bumble –
Trusted Food Group –
Double Bass Tattoo –
Cloud180Cam –
Next Address –
Diffuse Energy –