shoppers delivering to shoppers

Been a hectic few weeks, but I’m pretty sure I always say that.

China Pitch Deck and new investor pitch deck

Coming to you from the departure lounge at Tullamarine. The next stop is Nanjing as part of the Jiangsu-Victoria 40th Sister States Anniversary event ( I have been fortunate to receive some excellent advice and mentoring from well-credentialed people with terrific experience both with China and with online marketplaces.

– You can see the Chinese pitch deck here

– And the English version here

I’m quite happy with the English version and may keep that for when I get enough traction to feel I should be talking to investors.


After Nanjing I will have a few days in Belfast, and then in Dublin. Part of the trip in Dublin is to Retail Excellence, the big Irish retail exhibition. My goal from this trip is to secure 5 customers in Belfast and 5 in Dublin. Goal for launch is the same as the relaunch in Australia

Passel Delivery survey results

Great data, especially in the key retail demographic of women aged 18-50!

Here’s a sample of the responses:

Please put a tick next to any of the scenarios below where you would be happy to pay $15 for guaranteed delivery within 3 hours:

It’s Friday at 3pm and the dry cleaner calls to say they have
ruined your little black dress that you just had to wear tonight.
There’s a store that has the dress you need,
and can deliver by 6pm.
It’s Tuesday at 4pm and you are stuck at work. Your partner
calls to remind you it’s their mum’s birthday, and you promised
to get the soap set and book from your favourite gift store.
Your favourite gift store offers guaranteed 3-hour delivery.

If you are interested in taking a closer look at the data, please let me know.

Finally, I have been reading, a lot. As I should. 

At the moment I am reading “Zucked” by Roger McNamee. Roger was an early stage advisor to Mark Zuckerberg and an early investor in Facebook. It’s a cautionary tale and a frightening read. According to Roger, and a few people like him, Facebook really is out of control.

However, it has been this quote that caught my eye:

“The design of devices should deliver utility without dependence”.

My version:

“The sharing economy should deliver opportunity without dependence”.

That’s what we’re about at Passel. 

I might be completely out of contact while in China, but feel free to hit me up on WeChat: marshall_from_passel

Xie xie ni.