Passel has been on a continual build, deliver and learn cycle since our very first customers in 2017, through our public launch in April 2018, and through our tremendous Christmas 2018.

We have proven there is demand for 3-hour delivery, we have proven consumers will pay extra for 3-hour delivery and, most importantly, we have proven that regular people can complete 3-hour delivery without reverting to exploitative gig-economy models.

We have proven that regular people can deliver better, faster and with a much bigger smile than the courier industry.

It’s time to turn these lessons and knowledge into a new and improved Passel.

Unfortunately, this is quite difficult to do while continuing to operate the old Passel on a day to day basis. Our commitment has always been to guarantee delivery and we have many customers who trust us to complete that.

Therefore, to enable our launch of Passel 2 (we’ll think of a better name), we have decided to put Passel into temporary hiatus until July 1.

On July 1, we will relaunch Passel as you know it, but faster, easier to use, even more reliable and definitely more capable. This relaunch will include the new markets of the United Kingdom and Ireland. And maybe even Perth!

We are also delighted to announce that on July 1 we will launch a disruptive and exciting retail brand of our own!

We will have some exciting and adventurous news, so keep an eye on your email for your invitation, and for our requests for feedback.

Thank you so much for your support so far. Without people like you, Passel would not exist, and we definitely would not be considering expanding our services.

One more thing!

To help with the set up of our new service, we have a few quick questions to ask.

It will take less than 5 minutes, and everyone who answers goes into the draw to win one of 4 $50 gift vouchers.

The link is here:

Also, please feel free to share that link with everyone you know!

Thanks again, and talk soon.