News from the hospital – clothes don’t fit one of the newborn twins

It’s Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock

Purebaby, Passel and Passer Max to the rescue



Our goal at Passel is delightful, fast and affordable deliveries from local stores to local people.

We know that lots of people want to buy local, but the shipping options are too expensive or too slow and for many, going to the shopping centre to just get one thing is not worth the inconvenience.

We’ve had a lot of fun delivering all over Australia, and we’re excited about our launch in Ireland, but we think our favourite story is our first delivery to a mum in hospital.

The story goes something like this:

Mum knows she’s having twins and gets everything prepared to go to the hospital. In an unexpected twist, the babies are not the same size and all the clothes don’t fit one of them. This doesn’t work!


Purebaby’s 3-hour delivery option to the rescue!


It was 2 o’clock on Saturday afternoon when a family friend called the local store at Chadstone Shopping Centre and ordered some gorgeous organic cotton clothing in the right size and requested delivery to the hospital ASAP.

The Purebaby staff packed the order beautifully.

This is what Purebaby deliveries look like:


Purebaby quickly booked a job, and now it’s our turn to help out.


The Passel App put out a call to people in the area (Passers – they’re people who have registered for exactly this opportunity) who are likely heading in the direction of the delivery in the next few hours.

Passer Max* (not really his name) just happened to be out shopping at Chadstone. He received a message on his phone and said “sure, I’m heading that way in about an hour anyway”.

Here’s Max:

Max finished his shopping, picked up the bag from Purebaby and delivered to a surprised and delighted mum in the hospital.

Here’s Max in the hospital


Total time from booking to delivery: 2 hours 26 minutes.


Mum’s happy, the Purebaby team are happy, and Max picked up $10 for a slight detour on the way home.

Since we launched, we’ve delivered cheese in Brisbane, little black dresses in Mornington, bikinis in Sydney and suits in Adelaide.

This was our first baby wear to hospital delivery, and we’re pleased as punch to be able to help out.