We’ve had an eventful month. New customers, more validation, more data, more deliveries.

The only delay in getting these customers started is that Julian can only do so much at one time. He needs to keep the system running, write new code and then onboard the new customers. He’s getting faster at it, but it is still a bit of work. That’s the scaling challenge!


Thanks, Sydney!

Sydney went very well. My major goal was getting all the Purebaby stores set up and ready to go. We will start to see a lot more deliveries from them, nationally very soon. This is particularly exciting, because they’re our channel 7 buddies!

Other meetings were initial contacts with some of the major players in retail, e-commerce and logistics. More to come!


The big picture

We’re 100% focussed on retail and getting traction. We know that landing bigger and bigger retailers and scaling is the key short term goal. From there it’s more retail, bigger customers and then head overseas to where all the people are!

But what’s the big picture? Where do we think Passel is heading?

Here’s my first crack at it:


I’d really love to get your feedback and ideas on that.


Pet supplies, cheese, lingerie…

Is there anything we don’t deliver?

Yes, as a matter of fact.

Passel won’t deliver alcohol, tobacco, firearms/ammunition, drugs of dependance or “unstable food”. Unstable food is things like Melbourne’s best donuts or New Zealand’s best tacos.

For the full range of our partners, have a look at https://passel.com.au/partners/. Sign up now in time for Christmas!


All those clients can only mean one thing

We need more Passers!

2500 Passers is not enough. It’s free to join and there is no obligation to accept a delivery opportunity.

If you know anyone who likes to shop, works in retail or could do with making an extra $10 every now and then,

Send them to Passel!


Did I mention Ireland?

No, I’m not allowed to talk about Ireland. Ask me again September…



Marshall Hughes
One of the guys from Passel

PS – Don’t have the App yet? You can download it now from Google or the App Store.