We delivered from a tram!


One of our Passers took the tram home from work and on the way delivered some suits for Peter Shearer Menswear in Adelaide.

Bec, our community manager, put it this way:

“It’s not just our logo that’s green”!

(By the way, if you looked at that image and thought “that just looks like someone taking their shopping home” – then you are exactly right. Welcome to Passel.)


Go big. Or don’t.


It was never the plan to spread so far and wide so quickly. There are a whole bunch of reasons not to do so. The reason we have grown so rapidly is the need to find the innovative retailers so we can get some volume and figure the system out.

And we are figuring the system out. We learn something with every delivery and with every Passer interaction.

The major retailers are still the target customer. We need them so we can grow exponentially and truly benefit from the miracle of network effects. My discussions with them continue, and I keep referencing survey after survey highlighting the importance of offering on-demand delivery as part of a suite of service. If we’re connected on LinkedIn, you’d be familiar with my work.

We can launch a customer in 24 hours if we have already built the integration. The wheels in corporations do not spin as quickly.

Our next batch of customers will mostly be in Sydney, with a few outliers in Adelaide and Mornington. My goal is 20 retailers started before the end of July. It gives us a nice growth chart:

We have 8 customers at various stages of implementation right now, so I’m pretty positive.

We are also pleased to be listed on The Wholesome Dollar, an online educational and inspirational platform where you can discover new flexible ways to earn from your skills, passions & assets – at home & abroad. Spreading the word.


Typeform Data Breach


That was a bummer. In case you missed it, global survey company Typeform was hacked and lost a sample of data from a May 3rd backup. We use Typeform as part of our sign up process. Mostly because it’s really good and allows for logic jumps.

Anyway, we did the right things and notified our Passers who may have been affected.

Although we were disappointed in Typeform’s lack of security, the support from our Passers was overwhelmingly positive. We lost 5 Passers, but had about a dozen emails of support, or just thanking us for letting them know, our honesty and ownership of the issue.

We continue to use Typeform, but we are deleting our data from their servers on a daily basis.




Speaking of honesty, I did receive some feedback about my blogs and newsletter. The suggestion was that “too much honesty can scare investors away”.

Well, I’m not changing the way I communicate.

Honesty and openness are core values to Julian and me, and by extension, to Passel.

Honesty and openness doesn’t mean giving away IP or the secret sauce, and doesn’t mean volunteering unnecessary information.

Honesty and openness will continue!


But Marsh, I love Passel. What can I do to help?


I’m glad you asked! Here’s about 8 minutes of effort:

1) Download the Passel App and sign up. It doesn’t matter if you think you may never do a delivery. Your data helps, and you might be wrong and you might just do a delivery!

2) Tell everyone you know to download the Passel App. They then tell their friends and family, and so on. Your staff, perhaps?

3) If you know anyone in retail, tell them about Passel.


Final thought


Everyone’s running to blockchain, AI, autonomous vehicles, drones, etc.

They are all forgetting that there are 7 billion people on the planet.


PS – Don’t have the App yet? You can download it now from Google or the App Store.