Adelaide here we come!

We are confirmed for a launch in Adelaide on June 29th with Seeker Store and Peter Shearer Menswear.

Passel now covers something like 50% of the Australian population.

Mumzilla in Sydney also signed today, but I don’t have a start date for them as yet.

It’s just a matter of getting through the backlog of integrations, which we are working double time on. The next two integrations will be Magento which will enable The Party People and a few other retailers to start.



Dublin and Belfast last mile e-commerce tender

We were invited to submit on the Dublin SBIR Last Mile Innovation tender.

So we submitted.

If successful, it’s 12k Euro towards a pilot in Dublin and Belfast. The decision will be made in July and we think we have ticked the boxes. We have had some help from our Irish consultant and advisor, Raymond Sexton. We’ll see how that goes.

New tagline / slogan

Preparation of that tender made us aware that we were perhaps a bit jargon-heavy in our business description. People either didn’t understand what crowdsourcing means, or lumped us in with the “Uber for Couriers” companies.

By the way, Uber is closing UberRush down. So after July 1, there is no Uber for Couriers.

That, in turn, led to quite an engaging and substantial discussion on Facebookaround a new tagline.

The wash up was that we have decided to drop “crowdsourced on-demand deliveries” and, instead are running with “shoppers delivering to shoppers.”



Your homework

In your spare time this week, please do one of the following:

1) Download the Passel App and sign up. It doesn’t matter if you think you may never do a delivery. You never know when you’ll be in the right place at the right time. Plus, if you hurry, you can still be one of our first 5000 Passers. Bragging rights!
2) Tell everyone you know to download the Passel App. They then tell their friends and family, and so on. Use the “it’s a service where shoppers deliver to shoppers” line. It resonates.
3) If you know anyone in retail, tell them about Passel.


But Marsh, what about investors?

I’m still talking to some people about investment, but it really does seem that we’ll have to head overseas to find the next round of angel/early stage seed. Even with proven product/market fit and a B2B customer acquisition graph that looks like the one below, we keep getting told “come and see us when you are closer to $20k MRR”, or similar answers.


To be honest, I think they are really saying “we don’t like you and your idea, but we don’t want to hurt your feelings, so we’ll make it about the numbers”.

We will persist! There is no Plan B. No parachutes!

If we don’t to this, no one else will, and we think Passel has an important role to play in the global delivery ecosystem.

That’s it for this week. As always, on behalf of the Passel team, thanks for your ongoing advice and support. Keep the comments and feedback coming. I don’t agree with or implement every suggestion, but it all goes into the mix as we figure Passel out.

Marshall Hughes
One of the guys from Passel
PS – Don’t have the App yet? Oh my goodness my gracious! It’s free and you can make $10!

You can download it now from Google or the App Store. Just click on the big icons below.